Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

Heavy duty packaging
Double wall cardboard is the most versatile and cost-effective way to package a heavy capacity box.

High value item protection

If your product is of high value and needs to be protected during dispatch, then a double wall cardboard box can offer the best combination of thickness and construction.

Double wall cardboard boxes

Print options

We can print company branding, logo plus any other graphics and information you require on our double wall cardboard boxes. The final design will be packaging that is unique to you and acts as a mobile advertisement increasing your brand awareness as they travel to the end user.  Contact our specialist packaging design team to discuss your requirements.

Available in the following options:

BC Flute
CA Flute
EB Flute

FEFCO Codes:

0201: Slotted-type box

0217: Slotted-type box

0218: Slotted-type box

0435: Folder-type box

0444: Folder-type box

0453: Folder-type box

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