Box Shapes

Strong cardboard packaging

It’s vital to package your products well to ensure they arrive intact and can withstand the pressures of handling, transportation and storage.

Here at CEG Packaging Ltd we produce a wide range of different cardboard box shapes and sizes to accommodate all your packaging needs and keep your business running smoothly.

Packaging influences sales

In addition to the obvious practical concerns, packaging provides an important opportunity to increase sales. According to research, 72% of consumers agree that packaging design influences their buying decision. Not focusing on packaging design means you could miss out on potential sales and opportunities to promote your brand identity.

Bespoke cardboard box design

Our specialist design team are skilled at creating a bespoke packaging solution for any product shape and size.  Our vast experience of producing custom cardboard boxes is geared to ensuring your goods are presented in the best possible way and protected during both shipping and storage.  Our Shelf Ready Boxes are designed to promote your brand identity while presenting products attractively for display in stores.

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