Environmentally Friendly

From a tree to our customers

Our Materials

All of our sourced supplies for making cardboard are FSC Certified.

Pulping Process

The pulping process converts wood chips and other fibres into thick, fibreboard.
This is then shipped to a paper mill for processing.

Paper Plant

Water is drained from the pulp.
It is then squeezed between rollers to remove any remaining
water and ensure smooth and uniform thickness.
The sheets are then dried and wound on to rolls.

All our waste is compacted and recycled to be used again

Cardboard Plant

Reels of paper are joined together using starch and steam.
Several layers and a flute form the cardboard.
This is then slit and created to size.

CEG Packaging

 Using machinery the cardboard is cut, creased, printed, glued,
stitched and hand-finished.
The completed product is then delivered to the customer.

Delivered to you

The finished cardboard product is finally delivered
straight to a premises of your choosing.

Recycling at Grahams Cartons

All CEG Packaging products are
fully recyclable

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