Corrugated Board Sheets and Rolls

Large sheets of corrugated card are often used as packing materials for transportation and storage.  

The thick board protects handlers from sharp edges, cushions products stacked together and restricts movement during transportation.

At CEG Packaging we can offer:

  • Layer pads in various grades
  • Single face corrugated rolls
  • Solid board sheets that can be printed if necessary.

Our corrugated sheet rolls are available in widths ranging from 50mm to 2500mm. One reel consists of 75M per reel.

These can be ordered to your exact size, quantities will vary dependent on size.

We can supply small quantities and delivery times are usually less than one week.

FEFCO Codes:

0100: Commercial rolls and sheets

0504: Slide-type box

0505: Slide-type box

0507: Slide-type boxes

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