Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

Do you have lot of paperwork that needs filing for end of year documents that need to be accessed regularly?

We have just the box! CEG Packaging archive storage boxes are available with either an attached or separate lid.

The box features a self erecting base that has been designed to produce a thin but strong box when constructed with a lid that is also is self erecting and just needs a few folds before it's ready to pop on the box. The lid is easily removable at any time whilst adding strength when stacking.

These boxes are strong enough to stack and store long term.  Made from single wall board, they are inexpensive but very strong when assembled. Mainly used for storage of archive documents and records, our archive boxes can be used to store a wide range of items, and are widely used by a variety of commercial self-storage and archiving companies.

The boxes are manufactured using a cutting forme in runs of 100 up to 10000s.  Standard-sized tooling is available or can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Archive boxes can be printed with colour, text, tables, images, logo branding or anything else!

Contact us to discuss options for archive boxes today.

Ecommerce and Postal Boxes

Ecommerce and Postal Boxes

Often referred to as a 'pizza box', everyone is familiar with this style, but did you know we can supply these to any size you need? We currently offer a pizza style box as small as 7" to fit through most letter boxes, up to a whopping 20" box. These can be printed with a company logo or message with up to 2 colours.  Quantities are dependent on the box size.

Pizza style boxes can also be used for much more than delivering pizza! Our pizza style boxes are often used as mailer packs, subscription boxes and can encapsulate gifts.  Our boxes can also incorporate our other secondary packaging, via small or large slots within the pizza boxes, allowing you to fit a wide variety of product sizes into the box.

The pizza style boxes that we manufacture are delivered and supplied flat-packed for easier storage and transportation. The boxes are very easy to assemble from being flat-packed.

So why not give us a call and see how we can help you advertise your brand? These boxes are delivered and supplied flat-packed - allowing for easier storage and can be assembled in seconds.

Please note: CEG Packaging aren't food grade certified, and so the boxes we manufacture are not for direct food contact.

FEFCO Codes:

0426: Folder-type box

0427: Folder-type box

0429: Folder-type box

Flat Pack Boxes

Flat Pack Boxes

We can supply many different styles of flat pack cardboard boxes according to the Industry standards FEFCO codes. Some of these are made without the need for tooling like the standard 0200, 0201 and 0203. Trays style 0422 and 0423 will require tooling.  

Most of our cardboard boxes are supplied flat packed, but we do supply box and lid combinations assembled and ready for use too.

Our industry standard packing case is a best seller, because it can be tailored to precisely fit the intended contents. This precision means we can offer you the best price and the best protection for your goods, at the same time as keeping shipping size to an absolute minimum.   

There are many design and construction options available, the most basic being a plain, manufactured, glued case in brown board.  Many inexpensive combinations of board colour, printing and fixing styles are also available to provide the unique, professional impression you’re looking for.  Our boxes are available with a wide range of fluting profiles (B, C, E, BC, EB and others) and most sizes do not require tooling. After  manufacture, our packaging boxes are flat-packed and neatly placed onto a pallet ready for delivery to your door.

We at CEG Packaging will give our best recommendations on the most cost effective solution for you, and more importantly, we'll recommend which cardboard boxes would be the best fit for your purpose. 

CEG Packaging offers various types of packaging boxes, all to suit your budget. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.

Courier and Shipping Boxes

Courier and Shipping Boxes

Our mailing boxes and courier packaging boxes are perfect for both home, business and industrial use.

Whether fulfilling customer orders, or sending a special gift, our robust postal boxes will keep your contents safe during transit.

High-quality packing solutions you can rely on
Our postal boxes are strong and sturdy for safe handling, storage and transit. Our wide range of shipping boxes will ensure that every item is delivered in perfect condition, whether large and heavy or small and fragile. Thanks to the strong corrugated cardboard material, our double wall boxes can hold any weight up to 20kg.

Our boxes are delivered flat packed for easy storage and speedy assembly. They are easy to construct and securely seal with your choice of packing tape, ready for dispatch.

No minimum or maximum order quantity
We can supply any number of packing boxes to suit your requirements, whether it’s for a one-off package or part of a regular shipment. Small quantities can be collected direct from our factory and larger orders are delivered on pallets using our own fleet of vehicles. Ask us about discounts for large regular orders.

Many storage boxes available immediately
We hold courier and storage boxes in stock at our factory ready immediately for collection during opening hours. Larger orders can be made ready in a week or less.

FEFCO Codes:

0201: Slotted-type box

0301: Telescope-type box

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